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I'm Joyce, a UX researcher and a 2nd-year master's student majoring in HCDE at UW. I'm passionate about bridging humanity and technology to foster innovation and inclusion 🌈 ✨ 🧠 

Selected projects

cloud (2).png

Understand AWS users’ JTBD for using CloudWatch Synthetics' console

Leading generative & evaluative research to uncover the real user need and identify new design opportunities 

Company: Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
Time: August 2022
Method:  Contextual interview, Concept testing 

A Mixed-Methods Approach to Understanding PicCollage Subscribers' Collaging Experiences

Triangulating quantitative & qualitative data to inspire features
grounded on user need and impact feature prioritization 

Company: PicCollage 
Time: July 2020 - Sep 2020
Methods:  Diary study, Interview, Survey

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