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👋🏻 Hi, I'm Joyce! I'm a UX researcher with a background in Psychology. This summer, I got my master's at UW's HCDE program.

I've worked as a UX researcher spanning both global tech giants moving rapidly and smaller start-ups validating product-market fit. I answer research questions through a mixed-methods approach, work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, and communicate insights effectively to inform product and design decisions in the full product lifecycle.

In my free time, you can find me 📚🏃‍♀️🏸👩🏻‍🍳🍦☕️⛰️
Contact me at:

Professional UX journey 
In the Summer of 2022, I was a UXR intern embedded in one of AWS' product teams. During my 12 weeks there, I learned to quickly gain an understanding of complex and technical domains, enabling me to ask insightful questions that led to meaningful findings.

Between 2020-2021, I was a UX researcher at Cardinal Blue Software (PicCollage), working with a cross-functional team to build photo-editing apps for 14M monthly active users worldwide. 

My UX journey began in 2019 as a design intern with FindLife, a tech start-up that helps people find restaurants. I've improved the restaurant-finding experience of FindLife's website through research and design.

Belief in designing for inclusion
I see it as my mission to advocate for a diversity of people who have different needs through human-centered design. During undergrad, I designed an application for senior caregivers to enhance their caregiving experience at hospitals when participating in the CHI Student Design Competition.

At UW, I joined a research group to investigate elder adults' perceived trust in IoT devices to identify opportunities for improvement. This quarter, I'll be taking the course, "Accessibility and inclusive design" to advance my knowledge of designing inclusive products, so I could apply it in my future work.

Passion for good food!!
Below are some of my favorite dishes in Taiwan!

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